Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wha ta Siendo?

Wha ta siendo?
he asks
con su pijama de super-man
(he just turned 3 a couple months ago)

Wha ta siendo?
he asks again

standing by the breakfast table
she kisses my lips
now visible because I trimmed my beard

la abrazo y le digo
"I've kissed this skin for over ten years now"

first she smiles
then she explains to the boy as he observes from the brown sofa

sus ojitos cafes
está contento con el mundo y con su vida
so far so good

"Que estás haciendo"
she explains to him

"Que estás haciendo,
así se dice mijo"

Wha ta siendo?
he repeats

Spontaneous and smooth
como los sonidos de Miles Davis
breathing life from his horns

and that's the kind of song we get from him
as he sits on the brown sofa and wonders about this moment

(mostly English from me, most of the time
puro Español con ella, siempre)

his song is forming

and so,
all he can think of
early in the morning is to ask us

What are we siendo?

Smooth and natural like the sounds of Miles

and we kiss the morning air
and turn around to see him grow into
yet another day

Una mañana de besos y canción

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