Tuesday, July 14, 2009

because these words never tire: algo que tenga something with love

que deberia star aciendo?

should i be watchin baseball?
deberia star aciendo ejercisio?
should i be drinkin a cold beer
on this hot summer day de san diego?

tal vez, tal vez

maybe i should go hug my boy emiliano
tell him his the best son in the world
creo que tambien le hablo a mi niña quetzalli
tell her she's the best daughter in the world
debia star buscando a mi nirvana
to tell her she's the best in the universe

algo asi, for sure,
algo que diga something positive
something lovely
algo que diga algo
with love
algo que tenga something
with peace
algo que tenga mucho amor
siempre peace as well

because these words never tire
son letras que reciclo
yes, over and over, yes
estas palabras no conocen el cansancio

me voy
pero no antes sin abrazar estas imagenes
hoping for your blessing querida familia

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