Monday, December 14, 2009

no words really

in this great day, on this great morning, such beautiful earth mother, sister moon somewhere behind the blue, waiting for the great sun...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

aguila florida: siempre healing a los demas


Aguila FloridaFlecha NegraXavmanOso AguilaEntre Danzas Cosmicas

Thursday, October 15, 2009

until the end te daré mi canto

until the end te daré mi canto

it's what I was waiting for

the song came

and our bodies turned into lizard fire

you rattled everything about this world

estas son las cosas de otros y otras

pensabas en el cielo adentro

these are their things, not ours, you thought

so you danced and danced

circulo en el viento mientras el águila te guiaba

la musa la sigues teniendo, ya te veo

la sigues sonriendo

la musa between your eyes

my ears drumming through your veins

better than red stars, better than silence

yes, even silence can't do better than you, circling,

your arms like wings

a poco creías que no podías

que me ibas a dejar congelado

a tu piel, le tengo fe

y le doy mi suspiro until the end

y le doy mi canto until the end

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

eso que siento when your voice swims to my ears

Can’t find the right words
como explicar la semilla de tu voz
those eyes, that voice,
donde están las palabras
exactly what?
beautiful existence? alegría?
tu llenas al mundo
sweet voice que hipnotiza
endless smiles sin llanto
can't explain asi nomás
eso que siento when your voice swims to my ears
can't explain asi nomás
eso que siento when your eyes open and meet the sun
can't explain asi nomás
eso que siento when my mind floats to you

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wha ta Siendo?

Wha ta siendo?
he asks
con su pijama de super-man
(he just turned 3 a couple months ago)

Wha ta siendo?
he asks again

standing by the breakfast table
she kisses my lips
now visible because I trimmed my beard

la abrazo y le digo
"I've kissed this skin for over ten years now"

first she smiles
then she explains to the boy as he observes from the brown sofa

sus ojitos cafes
está contento con el mundo y con su vida
so far so good

"Que estás haciendo"
she explains to him

"Que estás haciendo,
así se dice mijo"

Wha ta siendo?
he repeats

Spontaneous and smooth
como los sonidos de Miles Davis
breathing life from his horns

and that's the kind of song we get from him
as he sits on the brown sofa and wonders about this moment

(mostly English from me, most of the time
puro Español con ella, siempre)

his song is forming

and so,
all he can think of
early in the morning is to ask us

What are we siendo?

Smooth and natural like the sounds of Miles

and we kiss the morning air
and turn around to see him grow into
yet another day

Una mañana de besos y canción

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

because these words never tire: algo que tenga something with love

que deberia star aciendo?

should i be watchin baseball?
deberia star aciendo ejercisio?
should i be drinkin a cold beer
on this hot summer day de san diego?

tal vez, tal vez

maybe i should go hug my boy emiliano
tell him his the best son in the world
creo que tambien le hablo a mi niña quetzalli
tell her she's the best daughter in the world
debia star buscando a mi nirvana
to tell her she's the best in the universe

algo asi, for sure,
algo que diga something positive
something lovely
algo que diga algo
with love
algo que tenga something
with peace
algo que tenga mucho amor
siempre peace as well

because these words never tire
son letras que reciclo
yes, over and over, yes
estas palabras no conocen el cansancio

me voy
pero no antes sin abrazar estas imagenes
hoping for your blessing querida familia

Monday, July 13, 2009

las letras acaban con la nada

nada now
sera posible?
nada now
en mi mente

esta tinta
finish off
esta nada

tinta please
tu sabes como
con esta nada
only you

Friday, July 10, 2009

Words Las Que Sean

Words Las Que Sean

this is just an attempt
esto es solo un intento
intento attempt
so i can fly
push push
solo un intento
las que sean
is it possible
que words
las que sean
can help

Monday, June 29, 2009

Here we go...

letras y ritmos

for all

por siempre
--reading at "the front" en San Ysidro, CA. 2008