Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FDF live at Casa Tunel Cultural Art Center, “Poetic Borders” on July 21st. Also, at CECUT “III Encuentro Binacional de poesia” on July 26th.

Please share this official FDF casa promo announcement with people around the world, on your facebooks, blogs, media outlets, and with your contacts etc…:

in the spirit of blue demon chasing the evil werewolves and vampires muse a la pinkfloyd organ style con tribal, salsero, african, and mediterranean percussions sonando sonando spoken binational bilingual word tambien...

fdf will present new garage session demo”A LO LEJOS DE LAS MONTAÑAS

with the high flying, cosmic spoken word, live percussions, and the digital border muse... a la brava style con Hugo, Martin, Brandon, Carlos, and Marko...



--el pancho bustos

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