Thursday, January 7, 2010

What ta Siendo? - revised 1/07/10

Wha ta siendo?
by Francisco J. Bustos

Wha ta siendo?
he asks
con su pijama de super-man
just turned 3 a couple months ago

Wha ta siendo?
he asks again

standing by the breakfast table
she kisses my lips
and feels comfortable because I trimmed my beard

la abrazo y le digo
"I've kissed this skin for over ten years now"

first she smiles
then she explains to the boy as he observes from the brown sofa

"Que estás haciendo"

"Que estás haciendo, así se dice mijo"

sus ojitos cafes
so far so good
you could tell it in his face
está contento con el mundo y con su vida

Wha ta siendo?
he repeats
What a siendo?
so smooth como los sonidos de Miles Davis breathing life through metals

and that's the kind of song we get from him
as he sits on that brown sofa and he wonders about this moment
our kiss
another morning at home
su canción formando

Smooth and natural like the melodies of Miles Davis floating around
the sunlight sneaking in through the half opened blinds

we kiss the morning air
and turn around to see him grow into
yet another day

our son,
mijo asking us

What a siendo?
Wha ta siendo?
Wha ta siendo?


  1. tenk yu blog for savin my draft, waitin hasta que salgan revisin seeds for this poem. will it evolve aun mas? we'll have to see.

  2. Thanks Kristin,
    nice quest
    history and family
    in your blog

    keep on writing

  3. I'm hearing "Flamenco Sketches." Que suave tu lectura en el el Pasaje Rodríguez. Ser.